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Advanced Instrumentation

3EAE1 Advanced Instrumentation Electronique et Physique appliquee S9
Cours : 15 h TD : 0 h TP : 18 h Projet : 0 h Total : 33 h
Responsable : Chantal Gunther
2E2AD1 - Sensor Instruments & LabVIEW
1E1AD4 - Capteurs
Objectifs de l'enseignement
- to acquire a wide range of knowledge on actual sensors through their evolution towards integrated systems (microsensors, MEMS), smart sensor, autonomous,communication systems; This course also develops the instrumentation skills of the engineering student with measurement techniques and methods. The objective is to access the information delivered by a sensor.
- to determine the appropriate measurement technique under the constraints of accuracy, levels and frequency range of the signal to be measured.

Programme détaillé
Measurement techniques
Principle of operation of measuring instruments
Noise Reduction Techniques
Extracting useful signal in high level noise background (synchronous detection)
Data transmission and measurement of low level signal in noisy backgroung
Multisensor systems, autonomous systems, communicating systems: energy autonomy (storage, generation microsystems / portable energy recovery), communication (dedicated communication protocols sensors, wireless link), industrial sensors

Applications (TD ou TP)
The practical work is conducted as a project, a topic has to be chosen between:
- Conception and implementation of a synchronous detector to achieve a laser telemetry system or an impedance measurement system
- Conception and implementation of an optically isolated amplifier
Compétences acquises
Analyze measurement conditions (signal level, noise, temperature...)
Design measurement system
Sensors and actuators control using LabVIEW
'An introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems Engineering' Maluf, 2000, Ed. Artech 'Microsensors, MEMS and Smart Devices' Gardner, 2001, Ed. Wiley
'Energy scavenging for wireless sensor networks' Roundy/Wright/Rabaey, 2004, Ed. Kluwer A. P.
'Student reference manual for electronic instrumentation laboratories' Wolf, 2004, Ed. Pearson

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